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40.6928°N. 73.9903°W. bushwickLINE [undoing], 
curated by Lauren Elise Hirshfield, SHIM/Art Helix, Brooklyn, NY, 2016


Praxis International Art - StairwayLINE_W25NY

EXTENDED: September 8th, 2016 - June 6th, 2017

Praxis International Art, 541 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001

Claudia Vieira occupies the stairwell at Praxis Gallery combining her intuitive yet rigorous sense of space through sustained movements of her body.

Improvised on site, the organic continuos line oscilates between the sheets of drawing paper and wall surfaces bringing the viewer an experience through the history of art: from Kurt Shwitters's Merzbau (c.1923), Hans Hoffman's "push pull" to Sol Lewitt's conceptual wall drawings.

Her repetitive and entropic rule of line, form and surface subvert the role of 'figure' and ground creating a fluid and organically structured space.

On view through June 6th, 2017. For further details, visit the Praxis International Art.


Governors Island Art Fair

September 3rd - September 25th, 2016
Every Weekend in September, 11am - 6pm


Colonel's Row, Building 408B 2nd FL, Governors Island Art Fair, New York, Sept, 2016.

GI408B is a space with minimal interventions by combining Vieira's intuitive yet rigorous sense. Improvised on site, combining organic taped lines, rectangular shaped papers and wall skin give the viewer the knowledge of the history of art: Sol Lewitt's wall drawing and Hans Hofmann's painting. Vieira oscillates between lines and surface by her physical movements and builds a structured space. Vieira's intuitive interaction with the wall creates a rule of the contradiction between the lines and the surface. Her repetitive and entropic rules of linear element, form and surface open a space for the public to engage, into the accumulation of encounter.

On view through September 25th, 2016. For further details, visit the Governors Island Art Fair.

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