Architectural Topographies [2002-present] is an ongoing project that records the lived experience of time and space. It examines the relationship of individuals to our environment through a series of site-specific spatial meditations that integrate drawing, architecture, video and performance. Since 2001 I am using just one visual element: a continuous line. Conceptually, each project is a segment of the larger meta-LINE that extends throughout my work/my life. Lately I’ve been using the landscape, geography and/or online satellite imagery as references as which determines the shape of each project.  I become intimately familiar with every millimeter of a given space, using my body and a marker to gradually inscribe time on the skin of architecture. This particular conception of drawing is essentially, a record of lived time. This continually drawn single line ends up encompassing the entire place opening a space for the viewers to experience their sense of perspective, scale, interior and exterior collapse into a full moment of self awareness. Although linear evidence of the concentrated lived experience accumulates in the space in graphic extremes of black and white, it paradoxically blurs assumed boundaries between origin and destination, inside and outside and ultimately, self and other.

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